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Travel to EU countries

Shamrock Veterinary Clinic are able to issue Pets Passports.
Pet passports generally cover the requirements for holiday travel within the EU and re-entry in to the UK.
They also include travel to what are called "listed" non- EU countries, although there may be additional requirements for these countries.
The regulations are subject to change- for further up to date details please check the official UK government website by clicking here

Before we can issue a Pet Passport, the pet needs to be identichipped and vaccinated for rabies.

Travel to countries not on this government list, called "non listed countries" may involve additional requirements such as blood tests for rabies and other diseases.

The UK government requires that tapeworm treatment is given to the dog 1-5 days before the return journey, you may need a veterinary certificate to confirm that this has been done.

Pet Travel to Australia and New Zealand

We can help with the veterinary side of travel requirements for dogs and cats being exported to Australia and New Zealand. The authorities there require various vaccinations, blood tests and anti-parasite treatments, which have to be done in a certain order and are complex.

If you are planning to take your pet down under, please contact us for an appointment as soon possible. We should be starting with this process at least 6 months before travel for rabies vaccinations and blood tests. Many of the other blood samples have to be done much nearer to the time of travel.
If you know even further in advance than that, please do mention it if your pet is in for a booster vaccination -for example recent vaccination for Leptospirosis may affect antibody levels which may delay your dog's travel.

The Australian Government have a website for the Department for Agriculture and water Resources, which lists all the information and steps required for the importation of a dog or cat into Australia: Click here

We recommend that anyone planning to export a dog or cat to Australia looks at this website and takes the time to read through all the steps that are involved.

For New Zealand authorities look at their website by clicking here

In addition to the import requirements for the destination country, the person exporting the pet ( you) needs to inform DEFRA, the UK government, and obtain EXPORT certificates.

Travel to USA

Pets Passports are required if the pet is going to travel to the US and then return to the UK. If your pet is travelling to the US for good, there is no requirement for a Pets Passport.
Officially, rabies vaccination is required more than one month prior to entry to the US however this is not required if the animal is entering from a rabies free country.

The general advice is to vaccinate your dog for Rabies before travel, as many States require it anyway.

Some States and some airlines require a general health certificate for travel, which is typically done 4 days before travel.

Travel arrangements

There are a number of professional companies who can help with the transport arrangements for your pet and also help you understand the rules. The most local company is:

Website: Jets4pets click here
Tel: 01132397287

based in Yeadon near Leeds Bradford airport.

We recommend that you contact your chosen pet travel company as soon as possible.

Please note that the ultimate responsibility for meeting all the legal requirements is with the exporter of the animal.
Please note also that veterinary advice on export requirements has to come from a vet, and specifically an LVI (local veterinary inspector). Our staff can help with arranging an appointment with the vet if you need further advice.

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