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Our top 10 tips for bringing your Pet to the vets
1. Please keep your dog restrained on a lead in the waiting room and in the consulting room.  
2. You may wish to keep cats and rabbits securely in their box until safely in the consulting room. This is for their safety to prevent them escaping outside, and to protect them from dogs.  
3. Children are welcome at Shamrock though supervision is the parent’s responsibility. You may find it easier to bring 2 adults if small children are coming. Please be aware that not all dogs in the waiting room may be used to children. Please also be aware that many parents find it hard to listen to the vet’s advice when they are distracted by their children.  
4. Please allow plenty of time for your appointment. Every effort is made to keep to schedule but the nature of the work (and previous clients attending late) means we are sometimes running behind.  
5. We usually find that most pets are more comfortable with their owner restraining them for examination by the vet. If you find this difficult, please say so and we will provide nursing assistance.  
6.  If your dog does not stay still whilst being examined, try not to say “good dog” in an attempt to persuade him to be good, your dog may misinterpret this as a reward for wriggling. Use a firm command tone and say “wait” or “stay”, then praise him AFTER the examination is completed.  
7. If your pet gets fearful or stressed about coming to the vets, or does not travel well, we can give lots of advice about managing this fear. Please ask our nurses and vets. We use a variety of strategies and products including Zylkene capsules ( helps induce a feeling of calm) and pheromone therapy.  
8. To help prevent fear of vets, we actively encourage our clients to bring their young puppies to the clinic on occasions other than for vaccinations. This is so your pet can practice coming in to the surgery, perhaps be weighed and receive a treat. There is no charge for this service.  
9. Please switch off your mobile phone  before going in to the consulting room. A mobile phone ringing in the middle of a consultation does not help either you or the vet  to focus on the pets needs. It can also lead to delays for other clients in the waiting room if the phone is answered.  
10. If you have any special requirements, please say so and we will do our best to help you.  
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