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North Yorkshire

Practice Number: 01423 884 074

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Surgery Information & Terms and Conditions of Business.

Vets: Maurice Kelly and Pamela Singleton (Partners) & Sarah Kitwood


Mon-Fri: 8.30 am --- 7.00 pm / Sat: 8.30 am --- 1.00 pm

For out of hours emergency number please ring our usual number 01423 884 074.
OR ring our out of hours provider Holly House Veterinary Hospital, Street Lane, Leeds on 01132 369 030.

Consultations, are by appointment only: Mon - Fri, 9.00 am onwards, 2.00-7.00 pm (Mon) 2.30-7.00pm (Tues - Fri) Sat, 9.00- 12 noon. (up till 1 pm where necessary)

Appointments are for up to 10 minutes, 1 appointment per pet. A consultation fee is payable which might be a reduced fee for repeat consultations for a particular illness. Consultations which take longer than the allotted time (20 or 30 minutes) may be charged at an extended consult fee rate.
Please note that a consultation fee for our professional time and the time slot taken is chargeable even when no further treatment advised or medicines dispensed.
Our fees for surgical procedures generally include 2 post op checks free of charge, additional post op checks may be charged for.

If you are unable to attend an appointment please inform us as soon as possible so that we can offer it to another client. We reserve the right to charge clients if they fail to attend appointments without informing us.

In an emergency we will always attend to your pet as soon as possible, but please ring the clinic first so we know the nature of the problem and can be prepared for your arrival.

Home visits can be arranged where it is impossible for the owner to bring the pet to the clinic. However, it is preferable to see your pet at the clinic where we have all our facilities, equipment and staff. We cannot guarantee to be able to do home visits at short notice as the vet may be in the middle of a consulting session or surgery.


Payment of all fees is required at the time of treatment. This applies equally to insured and non-insured clients. Payment by cash, cheque with bankers card, credit card/ direct debit.

Settlement of outstanding payments. Our policy is for all accounts to be settled on the day. Any deviation from this can only be sanctioned by a practice partner. All outstanding fees are due to be settled by the end of the month and may incur administration fees where bills have to be sent.

VAT. Veterinary fees do incur Value Added Tax (VAT) at the current rate.

Surgery/Procedures. Fee Estimates for routine and non-routine surgery are given on request. All clients are encouraged to enquire about and discuss treatment costs.

Out of hour's fees. Consultation and Visit fees out of hours vary depending on the time of day/night. Please enquire re such fees as necessary.

Repeat medication. By law, all animals receiving Prescription medicines have to be 'under our care' and regularly and routinely examined. In most cases this is taken to be every 6 months although depending on your pet's illness it may be a shorter period. A reduced consultation fee would be charged. To ensure that we have the drug available and to allow time for dispensing we ask clients to ring in advance with requests for repeat medication.

Insurance. Our policy is for insured clients to pay as they go along, and then we will be happy to fill in and submit an insurance claim form, preferably after the treatment has finished. If it is an ongoing condition we can submit ongoing claim forms, preferably for amounts greater than 100 at a time. We do not charge for filling in insurance forms. Some insurances will offer direct claims, we prefer NOT to do direct claims as this has caused problems with clients paying us the excess! If you need to do a direct claim, please speak to Maurice Kelly or Pamela Singleton to authorise this. We would ask you then to sign a form admitting liability for any shortfall in payment from the insurance company.
Further details are available on our protocol sheet for insurance claims.

Ownership of clinical records including radiographs. All clinical records including radiographs belong to Shamrock Veterinary Clinic.

In Patients. We do not currently have someone in attendance at the surgery all night. Animals which are kept as in patients overnight however are monitored depending on clinical need.

Complaints. We really strive to provide the best possible attention that we as a practice can. If our efforts do not meet your satisfaction please contact one of the partners, Pamela Singleton or Maurice Kelly. If the complaint is serious please put the matter in writing. If it is something that is just concerning you, please do mention it to a partner, we will do our best to put it right or take it on board.
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