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Prescription Food, pet food, pet products

Prescribed special food

Many animals are prescribed special food by the vet and the 2 main companies we deal with are Hills and Royal Canin, both of which make a variety of foods for a variety of illnesses such as kidney disease, pancreatitis, intestinal disease, weight loss and so on. These foods are sometimes more expensive than ordinary pet food because they are made in smaller quantities, and take a lot of research and development in addition to quality ingredients. Some people feel put off by the increased cost of these foods, however if you look at it as food as well as treatment in the same bag, then it might not seem so expensive. ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **
After all if we prescribe tablets or medications these are always going to be an additional cost to feeding the pet. Kidney disease in certain cases, may require special prescription food as the only treatment, which might be looked upon as more convenient than having to administer tablets!

Weight loss

It is advisable to consult us on advice for weight loss, and we can advise on the correct food. We supply Hills r/d and Royal Canin Obesity food.

If you require any prescription food, please just ring us and order it, many we keep in stock, if not we can have it for the next day.

We also supply pet food in general, many clients, especially if they live locally find it more convenient to order through us. Our nurses are happy to discuss costs and so on and source many different brands. Please talk to them either in the surgery or over the phone.

The Hills Vet Essentials range is on our shelves for all lifestages of cats and dogs.

We also stock a variety of our recommended rabbit and guinea pig food, including diets suitable for rabbits with digestive problems.

Pet products

We stock a variety of pet toys.
Cat litter.
Cat carriers.
Nail clippers.
Dental hygiene products for dogs and cats.
Tick removers.
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