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Prescription only medicines and over the counter products


We supply veterinary prescription only medicines. In most instances these will be dispensed at the time of the consultation - we have the convenience of a "one stop shop", no having to drive around town looking for an open pharmacy!

Many animals are on repeat medications, where possible we ask our clients to ring and order them so that we can have them organised and ready to collect - this helps our nurses immensely, and will save you waiting. Where pets are on ongoing prescription only medication we would ask that we see them for a check up consultation at no more than 6 monthly intervals, and sometimes more frequently. It is the law that when we prescribe medications, it is for an animal under our care. 6 monthly check up is an industry standard for an animal under our care.


In addition to prescription only medicines, we also supply medicines on the general sales list. This means that you can obtain them over the counter just from discussion with the nurse/ receptionist.

By obtaining such products from us, it means you are more likely to get the correct advice and which product to choose.

For example a dog with diarrhoea- our nurses can help you decide whether an appointment with the vet is necessary or whether some special food or anti-diarrhoea medicine which they can organise might be appropriate.

Products which can be obtained from our nurses/reception include

- Wormers
- Flea and tick products, including environmental sprays as well as spot-on formulations
- Zylkene - a really good anti anxiety capsule, helps for trips to the vets!
- Pheromone plug in diffusers, sprays and collars- Feliway and Adaptil (prices compare very favourably to local retail competitors, we are told.)
- Ear cleaners.
- Nutritional supplements such as joint supplements
- Sunblock ( yes sunblock especially for cats with white ears, please feel fee to ask advice)
- Bitter taste sprays to prevent licking wounds/bandages etc
- Shampoos
- Probiotic medicine for diarrhoea
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