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What should I do with this wild bird/ animal /stray dog that I have found?

shamrock vets bird
Baby birds.
If you find a bird or baby bird in your garden, which is not showing sign of injury, we would advise very strongly to leave it alone. If you pick it up and bring it to the surgery it is much more likely to die from shock than if left for the parent bird to find.
If an injured bird is found, please ring the surgery and we can arrange for you to bring it in.

Wild Mammals such as hedgehogs.
If an injured wild animal is found please ring the surgery on 01423 884 074.

Stray dogs.
The council has a legal responsibility to accept stray dogs, their office hours for the dog warden are 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. You can ring the service on 07525 988 048.
The dog warden will come and pick the dog up during normal office hours. Outside of these times please call them on 07525 988 049.

We would not advise you to touch a wild bat because wild bats in the UK can carry Lyssa virus which is closely related to rabies. If you are concerned you could look on www.bats.org.uk or ring 020 7627 2629.
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