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Information about fleas, worms and other parasites
What do I need to know about fleas, worms and other parasites?

Puppies, kittens, adult dogs, cats, and rabbits.
shamrock kitten
1. Puppies and kittens.
Shamrock recommends worming puppies and kittens on at least 3 occasions at 2 week intervals. We would start this as soon as possible. Typically the animal would be wormed at first and second vaccinations and again 4 weeks later.

The reason for this is that most puppies and kittens are born already infected with roundworms, or they can aquire them through milk from the mother.

We use granules to put in the food or a syringe of paste which is given directly in to the mouth, whichever is easier.

Our recommended flea product also kills round worms, this could be explained in further detail when the puppy comes in to Shamrock.

As well as fleas and roundworms, our product kills ear mites which is useful in puppies and kittens. It also kills lungworm -  inquisitve puppies sometimes eat slugs and snails which can carry lungworm, a potentially fatal condition.

2. Adult Dogs
We recommend worming adult dogs 4 times yearly. (Based on British Small Animal Veterinary Association advice).
We use our product which effectively kills both roundworms and tapeworms.

Part of the reason for worming dogs is human public health. Adult dogs may or may not display symptoms of an excessive worm burden, but most dogs will carry adult worms, eggs or larvae in their intestines. Eggs can pass out of the gut and end up on the dog’s fur and thereby transmitted to people, particularly children.

Dogs can aquire worms from sniffing and licking where other dogs have been, from eating infected carcasses such as dead rabbits and from fleas.
Our treatment of choice for fleas, mites and lungworms also kills roundworms, treatment for tapeworms may be required in addition.
Advocate can be used as part of the control for prevention of ticks. However where tick infestation is a particular problem, we stock a recommended product, please call or pop in to reception.
Mites and Lice.
We have treatment available. The diagnosis would generally be on made by ourselves and demonstrated on the microscope.
This can be a threat to pets travelling abroad and Advocate can be used in the control of this disease.
3. Adult cats
At Shamrock, we recommend worming adult cats 4 times yearly, and more often if they hunt small mammals.
Cats which are difficult to give tablets.
We are happy to give your cat a worm tablet on any occasion that it is at the clinic, please just ask. We typically do this at the booster vaccination.
On occasions in between such visits, we have a spot on preparation for worms (not fleas), please ask at reception.
We have a recommended product for fleas in cats which also kills roundworms.
If your cat has a particular problem with ticks, please discuss this with us.
4. Rabbits
Head tilt and various other brain disorders, as well as urinary incontinence and cataracts in rabbits can be caused by a protozoan parasite called Encephalitozoon cuniculi .This disease can often be prevented by using a wormer from us. As soon as a new rabbit is aquired or at any other periods of stress, we recommend dosing with the wormer.
This product is also used for intestinal worms in rabbits, please ask at reception.
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