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Data Privacy Notice
As a veterinary practice we collect and store personal data for our clients.
To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR) we wish to inform our clients which data we collect, how and why we collect it, in addition to how we use it.
Which data we collect includes:

Name, address, telephone numbers and email address of the owner (s) or agents of the registered pet.

An agent may include a relative or friend of the owner, or other person such as kennels or dog minders/ walkers, when the actual owner is not available.

How we collect the data is verbally, given to us on the telephone or in person, when the owner registers the pet with Shamrock Veterinary Clinic.

Why we collect this data, is for the legitimate interests of our practice and our clients. This is the legitimate basis for our use of the data.

The reason we need this data is to reliably be able to identify a pet registered with us and communicate with their owners.
The reasons for communication and how we use the data can include:
- Booster vaccination reminders.
- Worming and Flea product reminders.
- Appointment reminders.
- Health status of the pet for example when hospitalised.
- Sending  bills or other letters by post.
- For this communication we need access to the clients telephone number, email address, postal address.
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