43 Knaresborough Road
North Yorkshire

Practice Number: 01423 884 074

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Veterinary professional services and advice

Veterinary services and advice

Shamrock Veterinary Clinic is a small, friendly, small animal veterinary practice. We see dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, pet rats, and budgies.

Consultations are by appointment, please ring our surgery on 01423 884 074

Our facilities include Xray, ultrasound, operating room, separate dog ward and cat ward, and anaesthetic monitoring equipment.

Blood and pathology samples are sent to a specialist laboratory in Wetherby and collected by courier at lunchtime.

We do have facilities for some in- house blood testing eg blood glucose for diabetic patients.

We can take fine needle aspirates from most lumps and growths and examine these under a microscope for diagnostic and pre operative planning purposes.
Urine samples and other body fluid samples (joint fluid etc) can also be examined.

Routine preventative health care

We recommend an initial vaccination course for dogs, cats and rabbits. This includes a vet check and advice on worming/ feeding/socialising-of paramount importance for puppies. We will also advise on pet insurance (Pet Plan) and identichips.
Annual booster vaccinations are also recommended and this includes an annual health check.

Routine surgical procedures

We perform all routine medical and surgical procedures and can also offer referral to a specialist when required.

Dog, Cat, rabbit spay and castration. Please see our information page for further info…
Ferrets can be surgically neutered or have a hormone implant
Dental treatment - this may include extractions and scaling and polishing.

Surgery to treat many complaints such as foreign body removal, cruciate injury surgery,lump removal are also performed here at Shamrock.

There may be some instances where referral to a specialist with access to specialist equipment is required. In these cases we have excellent knowledge of and contacts with a variety of people and we would be able to advise.

General advice

Even when a pet is not actually ill, there are situations where veterinary advice might be useful. Examples might include pets weeing indoors, or other behavioural problems. Also fleas, worms, neutering. Please ring us-our nurses will be pleased to help, and they can make a decision whether they can give a bit of advice on the phone or whether a consultation with the vet (or nurse) is required.


We should also be the first people to call if the pet is experiencing any behavioural issues. We may need to refer to a pet behaviourist but most referral behaviourists would want to make sure it is not due to a physical problem first. We can give general advice on firework phobias and prescribe drugs where necessary.

Nail clipping

Our nurses can clip nails for your pets.
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